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Sino-German Cooperation



Introduction of Sino-German Cooperation in the School of Mechanical Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University

The cooperation between China and Germany has a long history in the school of mechanical engineering. Since 2010, the school of mechanical engineering has cooperated with the University of Applied Science and Technology of Austerphalia, the University of Applied Science and Technology of Bielefeld, the Technical University of Dresden, RWTH Aachen, Lipp University of Applied Science and Technology of East Westphalia, and the Technical University of Berlin; specific work including:

1 Academic exchanges and visits

The professors and students from the school of mechanical engineering participated in several sessions of Sino-German forum, summer camp and 3 to 12 months academic visit. More than 20 faculties, including President Karger, Professor Liu-Henke, Director Stefan and Dean Budde, from the University of Applied Sciences, Dresden University of Technology and Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, respectively, visited our university to carry out lectures, exchanges and promote in-depth cooperation.

Fig. 1 Vice President FENG Jian led a team to attend the 3rd China-Germany Forum in Lubeck, Germany

Fig. 2 The vice-president of the University of Applied Science and Technology of Austphalia, Harman, visited our university

Fig. 3 TANG Yang, deputy head of China-Germany cooperation working group, visited Dresden Technical University to discuss the cooperation between the two universities

Fig. 4 Professor Liu-Henke gave a lecture to our students

2 Student training

Our school has organized thousands of students to learn German, and hundreds of them have signed up to participate in Sino-German cooperation projects. Nine batches of more than 100 students have been selected to study for master's degree in Germany, and some of them went on to pursue doctoral degree in Germany after graduation, such as the Technical University of Brunswick and the Technical University of Krausthar. The two sides jointly established the dSPACE hardware-in-the-loop simulation laboratory to carry out related hardware-in-the-loop simulation training for undergraduate and graduate students. The International Chemical Engineer Training Base (Vehicle Digital Laboratory and German Window Society) has been established, and hundreds of international talents with international competitiveness have been cultivated.

Fig. 5 Students of the German class of our school communicated with German doctors Maren and Sven

Fig. 6 Students of our school to participate in the cross-country race in Germany

3 Construction of research platform

The key platform "Leshan Sino-Germany Science and Technology Promotion Center" was set up by the government of Sichuan province and the Southwest Jiaotong University, and one of the alumni of our school, who is employed by the Dresden University of Technology, is introduced as the director. This center focus on promoting technology and education cooperation between Germany and China, to carry out a variety of research study, visiting, research collaboration, etc. The center has made many achievements; for example, it has organized experts from the German Engineers Association to discuss the cooperation between China and German. And the center promoted the Sino-German cooperation with other colleges in Sichuan province, such as the planning of a series of Sino-German cooperation programs of the Chengdu Polytechnic College.

Fig. 7 Signing ceremony of the Sichuan Leshan Sino-German Science and Technology Promotion Center

Fig. 8 The Centre visited the University of Leipzig and the Centre for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises

Fig. 9 Chengdu Institute of Technology signed an agreement to the jointly construction of the "Sino-German Institute of Engineers"

4 Cooperation on scientific research

China and Germany have jointly carried out a series of scientific research projects, such as the international cooperation in science and technology innovation project in Sichuan province in 2019 and 2020, Germany and China national natural fund research projects in 2020, Sichuan "Southwest Jiaotong university - Jiuzhou electronic information equipment integration education demonstration project" in 2020, international cooperative training program for innovative talents in 2021, etc.


Fig. 10 International Cooperative Training Program for Innovative Talents

5 Institutional framework

The school has set up a leading group headed by the secretary and the dean, and a working group headed by the vice dean, which is responsible for the planning, coordination, organization, publicity and implementation of the college's Sino-German cooperation, so as to comprehensively promote the cooperation between China and Germany. The major responsibilities of the group include:

1) To build the "Leshan Sino-German Science and Technology Promotion Center", for extensive contacts with Germany.

2) To invite famous professors and experts from Germany to participate in Sino-German cooperation and actively promote Sino-German cooperation in running schools.

3) To expand the Sino-German "4+2" master program, expand the cooperative school in China and expand the cooperative universities in Germany; to extend the cooperation level to undergraduate and graduate students, strengthen international scientific research cooperation and mutual visits;

4) To prepare for Sino-German cooperation in running schools or institutions.